The Earlier Rule - 82 

for through Your holy will
and through Your only Son
with the Holy Spirit
You have created everything spiritual and corporal
and, after making us in Your own image and likeness,
You placed us in paradise
. Gn 1:26 Gn 2:15

2Through our own fault we fell.

3We thank You
for as through Your Son You created us,
so through Your holy love
with which You loved us Jn 17:26
You brought about His birth
as true God and true man
by the glorious, ever-virgin, most blessed, holy Mary
and You willed to redeem us captives
through His cross and blood and death.

4We thank You
for Your Son Himself will come again
in the glory of His majesty
to send into the eternal fire
the wicked ones
who have not done penance
and have not known You
and to say to all those
who have known You, adored You and served You in penance:
Come, you blessed of my Father,
receive the kingdom prepared for you
from the beginning of the world.” Mt 25:34

5Because all of us, wretches and sinners,
are not worthy to pronounce Your name,
we humbly ask
our Lord Jesus Christ,
Your beloved Son,
in Whom You were well pleased
, Mt 17:5
together with the Holy Spirit,




Regula non bullata, Fontes Franciscani, p. 209

1Omnipotens, sanctissime, altissime et summe Deus, Pater sancte et iuste, Domine rex caeli et terrae, propter temetipsum gratias agimus tibi, quod per sanctam voluntatem tuam et per unicum Filium tuum cum Spiritu Sancto creasti omnia spiritualia et corporalia et nos ad imaginem tuam et similitudinem factos in paradiso posuisti. 2Et nos per culpam nostram cecidimus. 3Et gratias agimus tibi, quia sicut per Filium tuum nos creasti, sic per sanctam dilectionem tuam, qua dilexisti nos, ipsum verum Deum et verum hominem ex gloriosa semper Virgine beatissima sancta Maria nasci fecisti et per crucem et sanguinem et mortem ipsius nos captivos redimi voluisti. 4Et gratias agimus tibi, quia ipse Filius tuus venturus est in gloria maiestatis suae mittere maledictos, qui poenitentiam non egerunt et te non cognoverunt, in ignem aeternum, et dicere omnibus, qui te cognoverunt et adoraverunt et tibi servierunt in poenitentia: Venite, benedicti Patris mei, percipite regnum, quod vobis paratum est ab origine mundi.

5Et quia nos omnes miseri et peccatores non sumus digni nominare te, suppliciter exoramus, ut Dominus noster Jesus Christus Filius tuus dilectus, in quo tibi bene complacuit, una cum Spiritu Sancto Paraclito gratias agat tibi, sicut tibi et ipsi placet, pro omnibus, qui tibi semper sufficit ad omnia, per quem nobis tanta fecisti. Alleluia.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 82