The Earlier Rule - 84 

within the holy Catholic and Apostolic Church
and all the following orders:
priests, deacons, subdeacons,
acolytes, exorcists, lectors, porters, and all clerics,
all religious men and women,
all penitents and youths,a
the poor and the needy,
kings and princes,
workers and farmers,
servants and masters,
all virgins, continent and married women,
all lay people, men and women,
all children, adolescents, young and old,
the healthy and the sick,
all the small and the great,
all peoples, races, tribes, and tongues, Rv 7:9
all nations and all peoples everywhere on earth,
who are and who will be
to persevere in the true faith and in penance
for otherwise no one will be saved.

8With our whole heart,
our whole soul,
our whole mind,
with our whole strength and fortitude
with our whole understanding
Lk 10:27  Mk12:30 Mk 12:31 Mk 12:32 Mk 12:33
with all our powers
with every effort,
every affection,
every feeling,
every desire and wish
let us all love the Lord God Mk12:30
Who has given and gives to each one of us
our whole body, our whole soul and our whole life,
Who has created, redeemed and will save us by His mercy alone, Tb 13:5
Who did and does everything good for us,
miserable and wretched,




Regula non bullata, Fontes Franciscani, p. 210-211

7Et Domino Deo universos intra sanctam Ecclesiam catholicam et apostolicam servire volentes et omnes sequentes ordines, sacerdotes, diaconos, subdiaconos, acolythos, exorcistas, lectores, ostiarios et omnes clericos, universos religiosos et religiosas, omnes conversos et parvulos, pauperes et egenos, reges et principes, laboratores et agricolas, servos et dominos, omnes virgines et continentes et maritatas, laicos, masculos et feminas, omnes infantes, adolescentes, iuvenes et senes, sanos et infirmos, omnes pusillos et magnos, et omnes populos, gentes, tribus et linguas m, omnes nationes et omnes homines ubicumque terrarum, qui sunt et erunt, humiliter rogamus et supplicamus nos omnes fratres minores, servi inutiles n, ut omnes in vera fide et poenitentia perseveremus, quia aliter nullus salvari potest.

8Omnes diligamus ex toto corde, ex tota anima, ex tota mente, ex tota virtute o et fortitudine, ex toto intellectu, ex omnibus viri- bus, toto nisu, toto affectu, totis visceribus, totis desideriis et voluntatibus Dominum Deum, qui totum corpus, totam animam et totam vitam dedit et dat omnibus nobis, qui nos creavit, redemit et sua sola misericordia salvabit, qui nobis miserabilibus et miseris, putridis et foetidis, ingratis et malis omnia bona fecit et facit.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 84