A Salutation of the Virtues - 165 

9Holy Wisdom confounds
Satan and all his cunning.
10Pure holy Simplicity confounds
all the wisdom of this world 1 Cor 2:6
and the wisdom of the body.
11Holy Poverty confounds
the desire for riches,
and the cares of this world.
12Holy Humility confounds
all people who are in the world
and all that is in the world.a
13Holy Charity confounds
every diabolical and carnal temptation
and every carnal fear. 1 Jn 4:18
14Holy Obedience confounds
every corporal and carnal wish,
15binds its mortified body
to obedience of the Spirit
and obedience to one’s brother,
16so that it is
subject and submissive
to everyone in the world,
17not only to people
but to every beast and wild animal as well
18that they may do whatever they want with it
insofar as it has been given to them
from above Jn 19:11 by the Lord.




Salutatio virtutum, Fontes Franciscani, p. 223-224

9Sancta sapientia confundit
satan et omnes malitias eius.
10Pura sancta simplicitas confundit
omnem sapientiam huius mundi
et sapientiam corporis.
11Sancta paupertas confundit
et avaritiam
et curas huius saeculi.
12Sancta humilitas confundit
et omnes homines, qui sunt in mundo,
similiter et omnia, quae in mundo sunt.
13Sancta caritas confundit
omnes diabolicas et carnales tentationes
et omnes carnales timores.
14Sancta obedientia confundit
omnes corporales et carnales proprias voluntates
15et habet mortificatum corpus suum
ad obedientiam spiritus
et ad obedientiam fratris sui
16et est subditus
et suppositus omnibus hominibus,
qui sunt in mundo
17et non tantum solis hominibus,
sed etiam omnibus bestiis et feris,
18ut possint facere de eo,
quicquid voluerint, quantum fuerit eis datum
desuper a Domino.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 165