The Admonitions - 137 

3Where there is poverty with joy,
there is neither greed nor avarice.a

4Where there is restb and meditation,
there is neither anxiety nor restlessness.

5Where there is fear of the Lord to guard an entrance, Lk 11:21
there the enemy cannot have a place to enter.

6Where there is a heart full of mercyc and discernment,
there is neither excess nor hardness of heart.

[XXVIII: Hiding the Good That It Not Be Lost]

1Blessed is the servant who stores up in heaven the good things which the Lord shows to him and does not wish to reveal them to people under the guise of a reward, Mt 6:20 2because the Most High Himself will reveal His deeds to whomever He wishes.

3Blessed is the servant who safeguards the secrets of the Lord in his heart. Lk 2:19 Lk 2:51




Admonitiones, Fontes Franciscani, p. 36

3Ubi est paupertas cum laetitia,
ibi nec cupiditas nec avaritia.

4Ubi est quies et meditatio,
ibi neque sollicitudo neque vagatio.

5Ubi est timor Domini ad atrium suum custodiendum,
ibi inimicus non potest habere locum ad ingrediendum.

6Ubi est misericordia et discretio,
ibi nec superfluitas nec induratio.

[Caput XXVIII - De abscondendo bono ne perdatur]

1Beatus servus, qui thesaurizat in caelo bona, quae Dominus sibi ostendit et sub specie mercedis non cupit manifestare hominibus, 2quia ipse altissimus manifestabit opera eius quibuscumque. placuerit.

3Beatus servus qui secreta Domini observat in corde suo.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 137