Saint Charles of Sezze: A Life of Humble Service

On January 7, Franciscans in the United States celebrate Saint Angela of Foligno [see reflection for January 4], but Franciscans in the rest of the world also recall the memory of a Friar Minor known for his deep spiritual life: Saint Charles of Sezze (1613–1670).

Born to a devout farming family

He was born Giancarlo Marchioni to a devout farming family of modest means in Sezze, about 40 miles south of Rome. As a young man he helped with tasks on the farm, tending to the livestock and ploughing. His parents hoped he would eventually study for the priesthood, but he was a poor student, so that avenue was closed.

St Charles of Sezze Sezze Italy 700pxlsThe town of Sezze, Italy, birthplace of Saint Charles

Content with a life of humble service

When he was 20, he fell seriously ill and made a vow to become a Franciscan if he recovered. He joined the Reformed Friars

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