Saint Paschal Baylón: Devoted to the Eucharist

On May 17, Franciscans celebrate the memory of St. Paschal (Pasqual) Baylón (1540–1592), a friar known for his devotion to the Eucharist.

Spending long hours in prayer

Paschal was born in 1540 to a family of poor shepherds in Torrehermosa, in the province of Zaragosa, Aragon, Spain; he received his name from the fact he was born on Pentecost Sunday (in Spanish, the “Pasch of the Holy Spirit”). He began working as a shepherd at the age of seven; his work made it possible for him to spend long times at prayer; in the pastures he would listen for the bell of the church marking the consecration of Mass and would pause to pray devoutly. He also used his long hours alone to teach himself how to read. He became known as a man of transparent goodness.

St Paschal Baylon birthplace 700pxlsVillage of Torrehermosa, Spain, birthplace of Saint Paschal (Diego Delso,, License CC-BY-SA)

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