New Book on John Duns Scotus

CFIT is proud to introduce the ninth volume in our Franciscan Heritage series, "Understanding John Duns Scotus," by Dr. Mary Beth Ingham, CSJ. Dr. Ingham, Professor of Philosophical Theology at the Franciscan School of Theology, Oceanside, California, is a noted expert on the thought of the Subtle Doctor. Using the poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins to break open various aspects of Scotus' philosophy and theology, she provides an alternate way of envisioning these topics, comparing and contrasting it with that of St. Thomas Aquinas, which has tended to frame much of Catholic thinking.

To order, click here: Understanding John Duns Scotus.

OFM friars of the USA, you may soon be receiving a copy of this book, thanks to the generosity of your provincial ministers.

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