Custodians of the Tradition

Reclaiming the Franciscan Intellectual Tradition

Responding to the need for shorter articles for use in the classroom or in adult education groups, this series of CFIT publications provides four-page synopses of important articles by noted scholars on key elements of the Franciscan tradition. The general editor of this series is Kathleen Moffatt, O.S.F., who has assembled a team of experienced teachers to create these digests. The Custodians Series is available here in PDF format. Please click on a title to open a document. Print versions of the Custodians are available from VALLEY PRESS, INC.


  1. Christ, Word of God and Exemplar of Humanity: The Roots of Franciscan Christocentrism and Its Implications for Today
    Zachary Hayes OFM
  2. It Pleases Me That You Should Teach Sacred Theology: Franciscans Doing Theology
    Michael Blastic OFM
  3. Francis as Vernacular Theologian: A link to the Franciscan Intellectual Tradition?
    Dominic Monti OFM
  4. The One Thing Necessary Seeing Chapter IX of the Third Order Regular Rule through the Lens of the Teachings of John Duns Scotus
    Mary Beth Ingham CSJ
  5. Selected Writings
    Zachary Hayes OFM
  6. Francis of Assisi “Theologian?”
    Thaddée Matura OFM
  7. A Franciscan Language for the 21st Century
    William Short OFM
  8. John Duns Scotus: Retrieving a Medieval Thinker for Contemporary Theology
    Mary Beth Ingham CSJ
  9. The Cosmos, a Symbol of the Divine
    Zachary Hayes OFM
  10. The Franciscan Intellectual Tradition: Contemporary Concerns
    Ilia Delio OSF
  11. Insights for a Value-Centered Life from the Franciscan Tradition
    F. Edward Coughlin OFM
  12. Franciscan Spirituality and Christology
    Michael J. Higgins TOR
  13. The Franciscan View of the Human Person: Some Central Elements
    Dawn Nothwehr OSF
  14. A Franciscan View of Creation: Learning to Live in a Sacramental World
    Ilia Delio OSF
  15. Give an Account of the Hope That Is Within You
    William J. Short OFM
  16. Francis of Assisi: Return to the Gospel
    Eloi Leclerc OFM
  17. The Spirituality of Francis of Assisi
    Raoul Manselli

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